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New treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Diagnosis and Liberation Treatment of MS and CCSVI at the CCSVI-Center in Frankfurt


Since January 2010, CCSVI –Center in Frankfurt (Germany) as one of the pioneer in this field has been diagnosing CCSVI in MS patients using the most advanced diagnostic

"The treatment ran smoothly mainly because everybody is highly professional.
I highly recommend this clinic because they use the improved Haacke Protocol which provides very thorough results.


Anyone considering coming the CCSVI Center can be assured that they get all the testing and scanning necessary to make sure nothing is left out. I came out of my treatment feeling free and renewed.


No false promises were made and all the medical facts were crystal clear."

Sabine V., Germany

methods and equipment, like as a high-speed CT scanner, doppler/ ultrasound and MRI scanner.

CCSVI –Center in Frankfurt not only uses the CCSVI protocols developed by Dr. Zamboni and Professor Haacke, but also makes an improvement on it. Besides the "Ballooning" or Angioplasty procedure, the so-called "liberation treatment or therapy", which can reverse the CCSVI, with normal balloons, we provide also the treatment with High-Pressure balloons, in order to minimise the risk of a so-called restenosis.


At present more than 400 Patients have safely and successfully undergone treatment via CCSVI – Center in Frankfurt!


Thanks to the high professionalism of our physicians and our experience in this field the

diagnostic and the treatment takes normally only 2 days.


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CCSVI Treatment



Link between Parkinson, ALS, Alzheimer and CCSVI?




CCSVI Physiotherapy Programme

Patients are treated by physiotherapy experts.





Maureen Browne about her experiences one year after her treatment at CCSVI-Center, Frankfurt.



Post CCSVI update of Sabine V



Dr David Hubbard, Neurologist, Complete Talk at Haacke Fundraiser

Meeting in Frankfurt to discuss latest news concerning CCSVI.


Venous Valve Angioplasty

A special catheter can be used to cut valve leaflets without damage ......






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