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About CCSVI-Center


The CCSVI-Center Frankfurt/ Germany was founded in 2010, motivated by Prof. Zamboni's work regarding the potential vascular origin of multiple sclerosis and the demand by MS-patients for treatment.

Because of the novelty of CCSVI, with few studies being available to assess long term outcomes, our primary goal at the CCSVI-Center Frankfurt is expressed by "primum nil nocere" - avoiding harm to patient as our primary objective.

To achieve this goal we have formed collaboration between experts in the field of diagnostic imaging and vascular intervention who each are linked into an international network of specialists. This guarantees the highest level of proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of CCSVI, the avoidance of negative side effects and complications and the participation in the rapid exchange of expert knowledge.

Michael K. Stehling, MD, PhD
- Professor of Radiology, Lecturer at LMU Munich, fmr. Associate Professor
of Radiology at Boston University, USA.


Ducksoo Kim, MD
Head, Interventional Radiology
Boston University Medical Center, Boston
Professor of Radiology, Boston University, USA

Stefan Zapf, MD
Institut für Bildgebende Diagnostik (link zu IBD EN), Frankfurt, Germany


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